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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dream: Missing Milwaukee Boys

I had a bout of insomnia from around 3-6 AM today so my dream-recall is somewhat hazy.

However, I did wake up with the deep sense that I had "encountered" those two missing boys from Milwaukee in some way.

I really wish I could have remembered details. But the basic sense was that I had encountered them in some way & that there was no insistent message of fear or suffering on their part. If I had received that sort of message or vibe from them I would have woken up really disturbed & shaken, like what happened with the Imette St. Guillen case. Now, I do not know if this means they are alive or they are just at peace now. They just seemed very normal to me as they interacted with me in the dream. I also was struck at what really nice kids they were--like really good-natured, intelligent kids.

I also don't know if this means this case will be resolved soon, but certainly it might be a possibility. My heart goes out to the families.

Quickie Predictions: "Firing", "Infections"

Here are just some "quickies" based on a couple of questions to my subconscious this morning.

A significant "firing" will happen (or resignation). No time-table. Very vague, so unless this happens within the week (and involves someone truly significant) I wouldn't consider it a predictive "hit".

I also got some imformation about "infections" that included a specific number & time frame. I want to double-check this information against dream entries I have already written & do a few more dream/trance sessions before I get into the specifics. I didn't see a crisis, but also what little information I got could be interpreted several different ways so we'll see.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Prophecy "Hit": Snow

Prophecy "Hit": Snow
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Now, this new storm in Nebraska is just a continuation of the one yesterday...but I asked my subconscious this morning "what will the news stories be?" and this did turn out to be the "front page"...
I would still like these dreams to come at least a full day in advance...cutting it too close to convince hardline skeptics...

Prophecy "Hit": Palestinians

I believe this is a "hit":

Original dream, posted right after I woke up today:

"Third Prediction: Something to do with Palestinians, Gaza Strip, the number 15, and a mosque (I know what you're thinking..."doesn't this happen every day?")"

Today a Palestinian bomb plot was foiled after a car chase--the Gaza Strip was closed down. The bomb was 15 pounds.

I like how I got the "15" number in there.

Predictions: Train, Snow, Palestinians (not necessarily in that order)

I'm trying a new predictive technique where instead of relying on whatever comes to me in my sleep, I ask myself questions while I am in the state between sleeping & waking in the morning. What I get when I do that are clear but brief pictures, sometimes accompanied by words.

So I don't know if these are going to work, but we'll see. If it does work, this could mean a significant breakthrough in my psychic work, because then I'll be able to get clear, specific answers to specific questions.

First prediction: An mishap with a train. Either accident or done on purpose.

Second Prediction: SNOW. Snow will be very prominent in news, unusual snow.

Third Prediction: Something to do with Palestinians, Gaza Strip, the number 15, and a mosque (I know what you're thinking..."doesn't this happen every day?")

The question I asked my subconscious to get these images was "what are going to be the next news stories"?

So we'll see.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Prediction: Rise of Scientology

(originally posted 3/21/06 on MySpace blog)

I preface this by saying that I do not follow Scientology, though I have read some of its precepts. I do not follow any organized religion.

I dreamt last night that Scientology rose through the ranks to be a genuine religion in the sense and power as say Christianity or more apropos Mormonism is. Right now Scientology has a rep of more like a cult or a joke in the general media. But through gaining power through purchases of real estate & infiltration into the govt & corporate sectors, Scientology becomes an honest-to-goodness political & religious force.

Two factors feed into this, determined by other dreams I have had:

1) Democrats win White House, which has effect of provoking hard-line Christians to get more extreme & radical. As the Christians get more extreme and "Christian States" get more independent & defiant, there is a backlash and the Scientologists use it to their advantage. They meld their precepts to the idea of a "secular, sane" system of belief that is an antidote to the fundementalism of organized religion. This attracts everyone from Pagans to Darwinists.

2) The people now who are considered the "hippies" of our culture--young Wiccans (not the older, truly established ones), goths, radical athiests, vegetarians, etc--will be at an age within the next ten years where many of them will want to be established in the world--many will be tired of their hippie-like existence & want to have lucrative careers, support families, etc. This is the old pattern, like the 60s flower children became the yuppies of the 80s. But they will still have a need within them to follow a Path--and one that isn't that organized religion stuff they were so opposed to. Enter Scientology. Scientology will by that time also be known as a religion that promotes "prosperity" & fiscal increase.

3) There will be incidents relating to the existence of extra-terrestrial life that will be IMPOSSIBLE for the world to ignore, starting by the end of 2006 but no later than within 2007. A religion that incorporates the ideas of beings from other worlds (whether explicitly or implicitly) will have the advantage. Mormonism will also be BIG as a result.

As for who will lead Scientology in the future, I "saw" Tom Cruise as an older man. But he will be a figurehead. He isn't exactly L Ron Hubbard material. John Travolta, on the other hand, will enter politics and pretend that his religious beliefs have NOTHING to do with his ability to serve. He will be very successful in politics because he is an extremely likeable Reagan-esque fellow.

I end this by saying I am neither pro nor con any of the following I just wrote. These are just dreams & I am recording them here.

Prediction: State Religions?????

(originally posted 3/21/06 on MySpace blog)

I had a multi-part dream regarding the future of religions--

That some of the states in the US would be officially or unofficially "taken" by certain religions. Sort of like Utah is connected with the Mormons, but a lot more stronger, more factional.
There will be several states officially "taken" by hard-line Christians. There will be an exodus at that point by those who would fear oppression by this arrangement -- though some stay in defiance.

Strangely enough, we get a state that is unofficially "taken" by Scientology -- this might be Florida.

As time goes on, these states become more and more independent of the US, leading to factionalism, resistance to Federal law. Showdowns are prompted where the Federals are sent in to enforce some sort of law that the state doesn't want--similar to civil rights days. This leads eventually to a fragmented US, with smaller more liberal states like in the Northeast forming together to create bigger states.

Prophecy "Hit": Passings of TV/News Hosts

(originally posted on 3/20/06 on MySpace blog)

Maybe this is why it felt urgent to post on Saturday my prediction about 2006 being major in terms of the passing of News/TV/Entertainment hosts...I remember this guy hosting my local news most of my life.

Though I really am picking up something a lot more major by the summer.

UPDATE: This particular passing, I believe, was also referenced by the "hail dream" (several posts back on this blog) when the hail struck the newscaster.

Prediction: Major Drought, Livestock Impacted

(originally posted on 3/20/06 on MySpace blog)

I dreamt last night that there was a drought in a farm area of the US, and that there was not enough water to give the livestock. So there were some farmers who just left the pigs and goats & cows and whatnot baking in the sun out of desperation. There had to be special relief trucks brought in just to hose down the animals for heat stroke, let alone giving them water. The price in the US for meat, especially pork, rose--and between the bird flu, mad cow scare, etc a new push towards at least partial vegetarianism started effecting the country. Even people who didn't consider themselves "damn hippies" started reading books on vegetarianism & leading a more meat-free diet out of necessity.

Prediction: Major Passings on TV/News Host Front

(originally posted 3/19/06 on MySpace)

I posted a "predictions for 2006" on another forum but I thought I could include some of them here too. Especially since this particular one has been feeling more and more urgent.

2006 will be known in entertainment as the year many long-standing TV/News/Entertainment hosts will either pass on to the next life or retire. In any case, some of the interview shows we consider "ritual viewing" on a regular basis will be interrupted. Personally, I watch these types of shows religiously and if they suddenly stopped I'd be pretty disoriented. I'm a bit of a media nerd, I know.

More predictions for 2006 as the energy moves me. Time for coffee & sushi. Peace!

Prediction: "Candy" Psych Meds?? Like "Tang"?

(originally posted 3/19/06 on MySpace)

Also had a vision last night of drug companies marketing psych meds like Prozac & Ritalin in "candy" flavored pills & also as a candy-flavored powder you can put in your drink like "Tang". It was all part of an effort to make these types of drugs more attractive to customers, especially children.

Prophecy Girl is allergic to every type of drug including cold medicine.

Prediction: More War?

(originally posted on MySpace blog 3/18/06)

Last night was a busy busy dream night for me (as if I wasn't busy enough).

Had this dream that I was watching next year's Oscars, and they kept doing this "Hooray For War" type theme--showing clips from movies, having dancers dressed in Army outfits, etc. Now, the Oscars is typically a kind of liberal show...and the immediate impression I got was that we were involved at that point not only with Iraq but *IRAN*...and that Iran might have even done something preemptive to us, which has stirred up the extra patriotic feeling.

The Oscars usually takes place around (and here I'm just taking a wild leap and interpreting) I think by March 2007 we will still have a lot of troops in Iraq, and more in another area, very likely Iran. And that this new country we are at war with might have done something preemptive either to us or an ally.

Obviously, this makes me ill. I support the troops, but I would like to see some of them home.
But I also had an intuitive vision before this dream that a war fought with Iran would not depend so much on ground troops like Iraq but on heavy "shock & awe" tactics. And that the spectre or actual implementation of a draft will be indeed the deciding factor in voting in a Democratic president in '08. But I'm getting ahead of myself...which is usually how I live my life

Prophecy "Hit" (sort of): "Smushy Dreams"

(originally posted 3/18 on MySpace Blog)

Not to be confused with "mushy" dreams--those involving Brad Pitt or Charlize Theron (or both)--"smushy" dreams for me are ones that contain a whole bunch of unrelated prophetic information at one time.

So was the case with my "St Patrick's Day Crisis" dream last week.

In the dream two bodies of air crash in the sky, producing giant hail that rips through the roof of my workplace just as we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day. A particular woman at the job offers me a St. Patrick's Day cake at the end of the dream, right before the hail crashes through our building.

My initial interpretation was that something terrible was going to happen on St Patty's Day -- not the happiest dream in the world, for sure.

But now I believe this was a prophetic "smushy" dream covering the period of time of one week.
The two bodies of air that collided in the sky heralded the series of killer storms in the Midwest earlier this week. Two air fronts creating a storm.

The giant hail predicted the giant softball sized globes that pelted the Midwest and destroyed property.

And the thing with the chick at my job & the cake...really happened! Today!

I'll be honest with you, I was shitting a brick today in the anticipation of the "St Patrick's Day Crisis". Then when the girl at work starts acting out the scene from my dream a week ago--I thought, "okay, now the apocalypse is going to begin! Run for cover!"

But nothing happened. A "smushy" dream made up with bookends of the beginning & ending of the week.

I've talked to a few people with budding psychic abilities who bring up a certain "disaster" dream they might have. We "gifted" people have to take care that the dream isn't symbolic, or a "smushy" dream made up of different prophetic elements. How do we do we do this & save ourselves white hair? Just practice, I guess...I've been doing this dream stuff for close to ten years & I still haven't "got it" all the time.

Another aspect of that dream,by the way, involved Leslie Nielsen getting hit by one of the hail softballs. Glad that didn't happen. Really dug "Naked Gun"

UPDATE: I believe two other elements of the dream: the dead newscaster & the "impending crisis" did indeed happen, making this an extra smushy dream. More details to follow...

Prediction: Major 60s Rock Icon Passes Away

(originally posted 3/14 on MySpace blog)

The dream: I am online & I see on Yahoo that a major 60s rock n' roll icon has passed away. This obit has its own special box in Yahoo along with the man's picture & dates of birth and death. The man is around 66/67 years old. In the dream I think I am awake & that the dream is really happening.
I have a name, but it's my policy to never list stuff like that. If you dream a particular person will pass away, never write it down w/the name beforehand, because it is like a curse.

Prophecy "Hit": More Gigantic Hail

(originally posted on MySpace blog 3/13/06)

In my 3/10 post I recounted the dream I had the night before about giant hail -- apparently this was the start of a disturbing weather trend... with more softball-sized hail pummeling the Midwest.
I now believe that the two forces I saw in my dream that collided with each other producing the hail were the high pressure & low presure fronts crashing into each other producing this freakish Midwestern weather.

Prediction: St. Patrick's Day "Crisis"

Originally posted 3/10/06)

A crisis-event will happen by or more specifically on March 17th. It will be of a magnitude that will definitely distract US attention away from the usual merryment of the holiday. This could be a natural event or perhaps something that drags us into some new international conflict. Please read my blog post "living with a gun to your head" for specifics on the exact dream...however, I believe the details of this dream are symbolic. This could also mean something in my own private life (personal crisis) or that would only have meaning to me.

UPDATE: This prediction is based on the "Hail Dream/Living With A Gun To Your Head" post several posts back. While the separate elements of this dream all came true, at the time St. Pattys ended I considered the "St Patrick's Crisis" dream a misinterpretation & a failure. However, didn't we have "Operation Swarmer" in Iraq like the day before? More on this later.

Prediction: The NY Rangers Win!!

(original post on MySpace 3/10)

The Rangers Win. The hockey team NY Rangers, simply put, win. Had the dream on 3/2 and posted here. Rangers apparently doing good so far since this dream occurred. I don't follow sports at all so I don't know why I was given this. I don't know if it means they win the "superbowl" or whatnot or just will have a winning streak. If you bet money on them I'm not responsible!

UPDATE: as of this post, NY Rangers still winning. Prophecy Girl, however, still not interested in hockey.

Prediction: Sopranos Character death

With all the hype surrounding the new season, I thought I'd dust off this dream I had a couple of years ago, before Sopranos went on hibernation.
A character dies on The Sopranos (according to the realm of Morpheus)...
Carmela gets killed, possibly accidently during an attempted hit on Tony. Tony thus gets hurt in the only real way possible. It means that all their dreams to rebuild their relationship are shattered, the dream house they were building for naught.
Geez, that's sad...
That's why I watch Drawn Together instead! (yay!)

UPDATE: after this original post I received comments that I was wrong & that Silvio was going to get killed. This post refers to a KEY death in the Sopranos, most likely either happening at the end or towards the end of the series. It would be considered the most *shocking* death.

Prophecy "Hit": Hail Storm

(originally posted on MySpace 3/10/06)

Two posts ago I wrote about a dream I had last night regarding hail crashing through roofs. Apparently according to CNN, the storms in the South last night included hailstones the size of baseballs:
Hailstorm Article...
Does this explain my dream? Was the dream not so much prophetic as being keyed-into psychically the weather happening in another part of the country?
And what is the resonance between all this and my first channeling post w/Thael regarding Mother Nature's "contract on humanity"?

Prediction: Volcanic Eruption

(originally posted on MySpace blog 3/10/06)

Volcano Strikes! A disaster, most likely a volcano, hits unexpectedly. Major damage & some loss of life. Water in surrounding area contaminated. Most likely happens in West USA, keep eye on St. Helens, Yellowstone, Mt. Rainier. During camping season -- say, from now until beginning of Fall. Read details here.

Hail Dream (how to live life with a gun to your head)

(this was originally posted on MySpace 3/10/06. The "Thael" I refer to in the entry is a channeled spirit guide I sometimes consult)

Wow, one day on MySpace and already Thael has decided to go full-tilt. Let this be a lesson to you--channeled entities (unlike perhaps your run-of-the-mill spirit guide or guardian angel) crave attention like the cast of the "Surreal Life" on speed.

Thael wants to impart the following parable concerning the correct way to live life (this is all I need an hour before getting to my job). It features apocalyptic imagery, but don't be alarmed...Thael has given me several of these dreams over the years to prove various points. That doesn't mean I appreciate getting these dreams BEFORE I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!!!

Here is the dream: a woman (who bears a striking resemblance to Jill St. John) is giving a tasty homemade cake to the other people in her office. We look out the window and see an explosion in the sky. Next, we see this nifty formation of hail stones the size of baseballs fall from the sky. People outside on the street are getting clobbered. A newscaster, who bears a striking resemblance to Leslie Nielsen, gets clobbered by a large hailstone that shoots through the office and takes him out like he was in a Plympton cartoon. Mass hysteria. We are huddled in our office, making all these intricate pseudo-scientific plans on how if we stand in a certain place the physics & building structure will be such that we won't get hit. Now a second wave of hail stones appear in the sky, and they leave big sagging, ominous dents in our roof. The roof is sagging & about to burst. Things can only get worse, and the reality is starting to hit us. We gonna die. Jill our faithful & talented co-worker starts handing out the cake.

Thael's message was clear--you have to live life to the fullest even if you have a literal or figurative gun to your head and you can hear the trigger being cocked. It's the answer to the oft-told question: "life sucks so why even bother?" We bother, in the end, just for a few more minutes to eat that cake. Whether it is a disaster, crisis, accident, disease, whatever--the whole point is to keep pushing on and enjoy life as much as we can (and heck, even make life pleasurable for deserving others) despite of the threat.

This being said, several facets of the dream bear out a possible prophetic meaning. I consider these facets only because I have been getting so much prophetic material lately that has come to pass (most regarding trivia in my personal life which would be no interest to you whatsoever). I'll place these facets & their possible meanings in the next post.

Prediction Hit: The Imette St. Guillen Murder

(originally posted 3/10/06 on my MySpace blog)

Sometimes being psychic sucks. You can't dream about death and see it manifest on the front page of your newspaper the next day & not vomit. Forget smiling old psychics in shiny suits making the latest New Year's predictions in your tabloid du jour...think more along the lines of feeling creeped out, guilty, sad, depressed. And perhaps getting really drunk. I mean, who can you share this with? Who is going to understand? Hell, who is going to even believe you?

On this last point I felt I was going to cover myself by posting my predictions on a message board, hence making a public record of my prediction & its time. This is what I did on the morning of 2/28/06. I had just had a dream on the night of 2/27 of a woman's body being dumped & I was shaken as hell. But I knew it was significant & I dutifully reported it on a popular "predictions and prophecies forum"

In the dream I saw a young woman's body dumped in a "canal". I heard a voice tell me that Natalee Holloway's body was found & now they were going to reopen the case all over again. At the time, I took this message literally as Natalee Holloway's body being found & started my post as such. However, as I wrote my friend called me to say that the front page of the NY Daily News featured a story about a woman's body being dumped...and since I had told him of the dream as soon as I woke up, he immedately thought of it upon seeing the news.

As the death of the woman, Imette St. Guillan, began to dominate the news and become the latest "true crime" phenomenon, I could see clearly what the "Natalee Holloway" part of the dream was referring to--that this case would be as big as the Natalee Holloway case was last year, played every day ad nauseam on the news. Also, where Imette was dumped, Fountain Avenue, is near a waterway & I believe that is the connection with "canal".

But the biggest confirmation was in my gut. As soon as I began to read Imette's tragic story online, the old familiar sickness hit me...just as it did when I dreamt of being on the Swiss Air plane as it went down the night before the story broke, or the several other most tragic dreams I've had. At those times, I feel horribly alone & horribly sad. And I wonder what is the point of dreaming this at all, if I couldn't do anything about it. It feels damn ghoulish, is what it feels like.

What do you mean by *predictions*????

I mean predictions. I've been having precognitive dreams since my second year of college. I can dream of events before they happen. I'm not some middle-aged bleached-blond psychic on the cover of your latest 3rd-string tabloid, I'm not some weird old Frenchman from several hundred years ago, I'm just an ordinary person who happens to have this ability.

You seem skeptical.

Well, what if I told you I have more than 10 years worth of recorded dreams in my notebooks, including dreams accurately recording major news stories & the like?

I know--I could have made up the notebook entries after the fact.

Alright, what if I record the dreams as I have them on time-stamped emails & public blog entries? Then if they come true you can't say I made 'em up afterwards, right?

Hence the purpose of this project.

First and foremost, this is an experiment in psychic phenomena. I don't claim that every dream will come true--just that a good number of them seem to. And if you find this sort of stuff interesting, you'll want to check into the blog on a regular basis. 'Cause I dream a LOT.

The first posts will be "catch up" from my MySpace blog here (which in turn has links to initial posts on public message forums). I will be entering future entries in both blogs.